A Little Town in a Big County

Fallbrook, California was first settled in 1869 by a man named Vital Reche. This General Store proprietor moved his family west from Pennsylvania. He built his home in the area now known as Live Oak Park and chose the name Fall Brook for the community because it reminded him of his home town back east. The community of over 40,000, spread over 120 square miles, offers many amenities usually only found in larger towns, including a 50-bed medical center, four golf courses and much in the way of shopping and services. Many of the commercial buildings on Fallbrook’s Old Main Street date back to the late 1800’s but the city has modern conveniences too. A local movie theater and major grocery stores are nearby, for instance. Agriculture is the main industry in Fallbrook, with avocados being the top crop since they were first planted here in 1912. Fallbrook is a small town but it is only one hour away from San Diego, home to over two million people, and only about one and a half hours from Orange County, Riverside and Los Angeles. Please follow these links to other interesting sites that will tell you all about Fallbrook, CA, the city Rancho Monserate loves to call home.

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North San Diego County’s Best Kept Secret

Fallbrook is an undiscovered jewel in the retirement landscape, tucked away from the fray Southern California gridlock.  Nestled among the costal foothills of north San Diego County, it has been compared visually and in terms of climate to Monte Carlo.  To the east there is Palomar Mountain, and on the west is Camp Pendleton, the U.S. Marine base.  A half-hour inland from the ocean, Fallbrook lies an hour from San Diego and two hours from Los Angeles.   

The land is rippled with hills, mesas, ravine and valleys.  Many sites command great views of the countryside and the mountains to the east, and a few on the west.  Much of the land is still devoted to farming avocados and nurseries.  Fallbrook calls itself “The Avocado Capital of the World”.  Annual avocado festival draws about 100,000 people. 

Even with the new development, there’s a strong feeling of country and fresh air.  Early in the morning, it just smells good here in Fallbrook 


Fallbrook began in the area that later became Live Oak County Park. The first permanent recorded settlement was in 1869, when the Vital Reche family settled here.  Since their new home reminded them of their former homestead, they named the new community “Fallbrook” for a town in Pennsylvania. The proximity of a railroad resulted in the move of “downtown Fallbrook” to its present location in the1880’s.  During that decade, two churches, one of which is still in use, were built. The original Fallbrook School on Live Oak Park Road was built in the1890’s. Although closed as a school in 1939, it is still used today as the Reche Clubhouse.  A few pioneer store fronts still survive on Main Street as a basis for the new “Village” look which may be seen here today. Agriculture has always been a major industry here. Olive growers established commercial groves in the early 1900’s, but avocados and citrus soon became the major crops. The rural atmosphere has attracted many families and retired people from all walks of life, and the major goal of Fallbrook residents has been to retain the unique rural charm of the community. 

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Fallbrook is a wonderfully healthful place in which to live and raise a family and is ideal year-round with pleasant summers and mild winters. With an elevation of 500 to 1500 feet (an average of 685 feet) Fallbrook enjoys the best of Southern California’s moderate climate. The average year-round temperature is 61 degrees, due to the prevailing ocean breezes, and the humidity is relatively low and constant. The average high is 76 degrees. Most of the area is frost free and during the coldest periods averages about 42 degrees. The annual rainfall is about 14 inches and occurs mostly between November and April. These are ideal conditions for avocados, citrus, strawberries, tomatoes and many sub-tropical fruits, vegetables and flowers. Climate is one of Fallbrook’s most important assets. 

 Main Avenue 

Much of Main Avenue will remind you of where Grandma and Grandpa lived back East or in the Midwest.  The wooden buildings, many of which are historical, with unique fronts, are but a small part of the charm of Fallbrook.  Art, gifts, antiques, jewelry and hand-made items abound in the area.  

Discover equally tempting shops off the beaten path.  Browsing through one of the many antique shops may lead to treasured finds of bygone eras.  To experience the local art galleries is an opportunity to refresh the soul. 


Fallbrook is just starting to experience the growth explosion of other parts of San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties.  Fallbrook is a quiet, hidden gem nestled among the hills of Southern California.

We are tucked away in the northern-most corner of San Diego county.  As the crow flies, we are 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean.  As an unincorporated part of San Diego County, we are administered by the County Board of Supervisors.

We are bordered on the west by Camp Pendleton Marine Corp Base.  A short drive east to Interstate 15, provides easy access to Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange and Riverside Counties.  Interstate 5 in Oceanside, via Hwy 76, is less than thirty minutes west of Fallbrook.

Fallbrook is “life in the country” with a eel which sets us apart and gives all who live here a special pride.  It is as country as you want yet within a two-hour drive of the major west coast urban areas.

 Yearly Community Events 


Avocado Festival

Hot Summer Nights

Harvest Festival

Christmas Parade

Photo Courtesy of Shan Gibson / Village News Photo


Recreation and community activities are an integral part of Fallbrook life.  There are four beautiful golf courses in the immediate area.  Live Oak Park, studded with stately oak trees, offers complete picnic and special events facilities for relaxation and recreation.  Fallbrook Community Air Park has services and an air strip accommodating twin engine private planes.  For boating enthusiasts, there is a marina and ocean harbor within a 30 minute drive.  Fresh salt water fishing is just a few minutes away and the area abounds with wildlife for nature lovers.  In addition to the usual service clubs and fraternal organizations, Fallbrook boasts a Senior Center and a Community Center that offer a variety of activities for every member of the family.  The Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce maintains a current list of all organizations and a calendar of events. There is something of interest for everyone — if only to revel in the peace and beauty of Fallbrook’s lovely countryside. 

Facts and Figures

Population: The population of Fallbrook is approximately 40,000. About 25 percent of the people are retired persons from all walks of life and from all over the United States. Many prominent Southern California business executives maintain homes, groves and ranches in the area.
Education: Fallbrook High School has earned an outstanding honor as a school. The school is being recognized as a Gold Ribbon School by the CA Department of Education
Religion: Most denominations are represented locally.

Climate: High/Low
January 63/42
July 90/76
Average relative humidity: 30%
Rain: 11 inches
Cost of Living: Above average (specific prices ask our agents)
Average housing cost: $563,000
Sales Tax: 7.75%


330 N Main Ave
Fallbrook,CA 92028